We just want to remind everyone that we will be having our Halloween parties next Monday, October 24th & Tuesday, October 25th for Studio Line dancers. Please remember to send your dancer in costume- but don’t forget their shoes!! We will still work on our dances- and we will have our Halloween party towards the end of class. You are also welcomed to bring a treat to share (though it’s not required). Below is a list of class numbers.

 Monday Preschool: 14

Monday K-1st: 10

Monday 2nd-3rd: 6

Monday 7th-12th: 15

 Tuesday Preschool: 6

Tuesday K-1st: 15

Tuesday 2nd-3rd: 6

Tuesday 4th– 6th: 19

 Staples Pre-K: 12

Staples 1st-3rd: 14

Staples 4th – 12th: 8