Music General Company Lines are designed for dancers age 6-18years old who are looking for a more focused dance experience. Classes are structured to create the ultimate arts environment, aimed at making any child’s experience educational, positive and meaningful. Company Lines encourage good sportsmanship, consistent participation, and keeping the arts in perspective among parents, students and their teachers. We as a staff are here to help all children reach their full potential. Our competitive lines were formed 26 years ago to make us better dancers. Company Lines help us set goals for growth and improvement. These lessons, both in the classroom and at competitive events, help us create confident children and eventually, successful adults. We know our students are where they are today because of the training and hard work that is instilled through competitions. At Music General, every student is special. It is our goal to re-enforce and remind our customers how important they are and that they are welcome within our facility. Being a part of our Company Lines requires effort, cooperation and commitment from every single member.