Why Dance

Since 1979, Music General has been a dance studio committed to the philosophy that a dancer's education should consist of precise, technical training and a chance to grow, be inspired and to perform as an artist should. Many dancers will tell you that the benefits of dance go way far beyond fitness and arts awareness.

  At Music General we know that some of a child's very basic developmental skills can be learned through dance. Dancing is fun; it gets the mind thinking and is a positive vehicle for developing problem solving, focusing, listening, self-discipline and team working skills. Young children learn best through movement; through dance they will not only learn an art-form but will also learn the skills that will assist in making them successful in all aspects of their lives.

A good dance education can also be beneficial in building a child's self-esteem and social skills. The most difficult, yet most valuable lesson Music General will help teach your child is to achieve success through hard work. We invite you to join the Music General family and hope that our love for dance will soon be yours.